Installation Details & Prerequisites

Your purchase of a Husqvarna Automower® through our online store entitles you to free installation through one of our independent dealers! Here are the details about the free installation terms and process:

  • Includes installation of the Automower® system, including the wires and materials needed for a particular model’s maximum acreage. For example, if you purchased Automower® 310, the installation will include sufficient materials for a small or medium-sized lawn up to 0.25 acres.
  • Installation process includes a maximum of two (2) islands/ secondary areas.
    • An island/ secondary area is defined as any area that Automower® must be prevented from mowing (other than the area outside the main perimeter wire), such as a tree or garden bed.
  • Installation process includes a maximum of two (2) single passes over concrete (must have available expansion joint). Cutting or modification of hard surfaces is not included in the installation.
  • Installation requires access to a splash-proof socket near the charging station.
  • Automower® will not be installed in a manner outside the standard product specifications or in unsuitable spaces, such as overly steep slopes, lawn areas that are too large for a particular model, or otherwise abnormally challenging terrain.
  • For lawns divided by a fence or other impassable obstacle, any areas besides the main area will be installed as secondary areas and will count as an island.
  • Sidewalks can be included in the installation unless otherwise specified or if the layout doesn’t fall within the standard product specifications.
  • Standard crossing of a concrete surface such as a sidewalk will be achieved by utilizing available expansion joints. Installer will clean out the expansion joint, run the wire in the expansion joint, and cover the wire with concrete caulking.We will use only enough caulk to secure the wire. Note: This service does not protect the wire from being cut with an edger or trimmer, but edging protection is available as an upgrade.
  • In some situations, it may not be possible to install the wire underground (hard soil, rocks, excessive roots, etc.). In these situations, plastic stakes will be used every 4”- 8” to secure the wire.
  • Automower’s® 30-day installation guarantee covers:
    • Mower sliding/falling out of working area due to improper placement of boundary wire.
    • Mower battery going empty before it can get to the charging station (in primary area).
    • Mower unable to reliably dock on the charging station due to improper positioning of station.
  • Installation includes basic programming of the device and test run in the presence of the installer.