Battery charger QC250

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  • Recommended for BLi10 & BLi20
  • With active battery cooling
Battery charger QC250
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Husqvarna QC250 Battery Charger

Battery charger QC250

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  • Battery charger QC250
  • 2 Year Warranty
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A quick 250W charging unit for part-time use, ideal for Husqvarna BLi20/30 batteries. With active battery cooling and convenient desktop design. Can easily be wall mounted as well.

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2 Year Warranty

All Husqvarna machinery carries up to a 2 year warranty. Registration is required by an authorised Husqvarna service dealer or via Husqvarna Registration online.

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Battery capacity
Battery Energy Wh
BLi10 Battery 2.0 Ah
£99.99 (Including VAT)
BLi20 Battery 4.0 Ah
£159.99 (Including VAT)
BLi30 Battery 7.5 Ah
£249.00 (Including VAT)

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Standard charger designed for ocassional and part-time use.